Over the Counter Products

Over the Counter 

Formulated to promote overall, natural wellness, the Young Living Over-the-Counter line includes products to aid in the treatment or prevention of acne, cough, pain, diaper rash, and sunburn. When you want an effective, all-natural alternative to medications with artificial ingredients, the Young Living Over-the-Counter line is the perfect solution. We use pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils in our products, for complete wellness.

All Natural Pain Relief

Some of Our Best Sellers

Cool Azul® Cream

Cool Azul® Pain Relief Cream combines Wintergreen and Peppermint for natural, cooling relief from minor joint pain and muscle aches. 

LavaDerm™ Spray 

After a fun day in the sun, LavaDerm™ After-Sun Spray provides soothing, cooling relief for your skin. Beat the heat the Young Living way.

Mineral Sunscreen

Our Mineral Sunscreen Lotion naturally protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays without using chemical ingredients. 

Acne Treatment

With natural, plant-based ingredients, this powerful acne treatment reduces blemishes and keeps skin soft and moisturized.