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Animal Scents®

At Essential Oils Nurse, we love pets. We understand that pets are part of the family, so we want them to be well taken care of. Young Living created a line of essential oils made just for our furry friends, so they can enjoy good health and well-being, too! Our Animal Scents® products range from natural pet shampoos to soothing ointments to dental chews, all infused with essential oils that are safe for animals. Your pets will enjoy the calming scents found in these products made just for them! We donate a portion of all Animal Scents® proceeds to Vital Ground, to support the protection of wildlife habitats.

All Natural Oils & Creams

Some of Our Best Sellers

Infect Away™

A great defense against infection when your pet suffers a scratch, this essential oil blend cleans wounds and soothes irritation.


This essential oil blend soothes and moisturizes pets’ sensitive, distressed skin and aids in healing minor scrapes and scratches.


Made with 100% pure essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients, this hydrating salve moisturizes and softens pets’ skin.

Dental Pet Chews

With Spearmint essential oil and green tea extract, this tasty treat supports oral health and keeps Fido’s breath minty fresh!