M-Grain is an essential I always keep handy. The first time I had a migraine I was on I-94 on my way to Detroit to attend a Camp Logos seminar on using my Logos Bible Software. It was about 6am and still dark. My eyes suddenly felt like they were being clouded in like somebody was pulling the shutters closed from side to side. I saw the likeness of a lightning bolt embedded in my eye. You know like when you look at something bright then look away and close your eyes the image remains on your retina. It was like that.

I pulled off at the next exit and bought a banana and apple at the gas station and ate them. I thought maybe I was having a sugar crash, which I’ve never had before, but I thought eating the fruit might help with my eye problem.

When I got back on the road, I also noticed part of my vision was gone. I could be looking at a road sign and part of it would be missing from my sight. It was like I had a hole in my vision. It scared me, to say the least. As time wore on the lightning image moved towards my peripheral vision and then dissipated all together. What was left in its wake was a terrible headache that I have never experienced. That was my first experience with what I came to find out was an ocular migraine. Later, I found out the vision issues were the symptoms alerting me to the onset of the severe headache.

This has been going on now for several years. I have tried to track the cause to no avail. The only thing I can think of as the cause is that I spend hours looking at a computer screen or reading on my Iphone 10. I am a pastor so my library, my entire study in fact, is on my computer and my phone. I have resigned myself to these occurrences because I am not willing to go back to books only.

Whenever I would experience one of these ocular phenomena, I would take two pain relievers and two anti-inflammatories. Then I would have to lie down in a dark room and close my eyes. That was the only way I could find some relief from the pain. I couldn’t read anyway because of the holes in my vision. So, I couldn’t even do my job.

Then along comes Young living and essential oils, Praise the Lord. They have an oil blend called M-Grain. As I said earlier, I would take the four pills mentioned above. But now as soon as I become aware of the ocular symptoms I go for my bottle of M-Grain and apply some to my finger and then to my temples. I also put some in my palm and take several big whiffs of it.

I even apply some topically to the area around and underneath my nostrils so that I am still inhaling it until the oil wears off. While it doesn’t immediately take away the vision issue nor the pain, by the way neither did my other protocol with over-the-counter meds, it does do a better job at containing it. What I mean is, well, let me give you two examples to show how this blend has helped me.

Last Saturday morning, I had just finished a 3-hour stint at the computer finishing up my sermon for Sunday when I began to realize my vision was going south. I grabbed my bottle of M-Grain and applied it as is my custom. Within a short time, I noticed the lightning bolt began to travel to my peripheral vision and soon vanished. I still had a dull pain in my left eye, but no headache like before.

Then this morning, as I was reading the news, I noticed the holes in my vision beginning to appear. I again grabbed my bottle of M-Grain and curtailed the pain. In fact, as I am writing this it is just 4 hours later, and I have no residual effects from the onset of the ocular migraine. In fact, while the episode lasted about an hour, I didn’t have the pain, nor did I have to sequester myself to the dark bedroom to close my eyes until it passed.

I am thankful my wife became part of Young Living and opened the way for me to obtain M-Grain essential oil. Otherwise, I would still be dealing with the debilitating pain when those things happen.

If you have similar issues with severe head or eye pain, I suggest you get your hands-on M-Grain and apply it as I do and see if that doesn’t give you better relief. If you would like more information or would like to purchase M-Grain go to contact us page.

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