Topical use of essential oils

Topical use is one of the more popular essential oil uses.  This will most likely be one of your favorite ways to use essential oils once you experience the amazing benefits of applying essential oils to the skin.  This usually turns skeptic people into believers!  Use your head!  Apply essential oils to your temples, behind the ears, to your neck, and crown of your head! 

If any area become sensitive or the oil is too strong, dilute with a carrier oil. You can adjust per your preference with the V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex oil by Young Living.  Essential oils can be applied to most body parts, just use caution for the most sensitive skin and have a carrier oil handy when you first start using.  As you become more experienced with applying oils topically you will learn that some applications may be more effective than others.

Peppermint OilMassage is another great use for essential oils! Try adding Cedarwood and Lavender to a carrier oil to produce a calming and relaxing massage. If muscles need rejuvenated after working out, try Peppermint’s menthol essential oil added to a carrier oil and experience the cooling effect during a sports massage.

Another common application is applying essential oils to the soles of the feet.  Many times spa and beauty treatments include the use of Tea Tree essential oil before a pedicure to fight funky feet odors.  Just add 10-12 drops to the pedicure bath water.

The appearance of healthy skin can be improved by the use of essential oils!  Here are some tricks to add to your arsenal on how using essential oils can help your face glow and reduce blemishes

  • Lemon OilApply Tea Tree essential oils to a cotton swab and apply it directly on blemishes.
  • Bergamot essential oil can be added to nighttime routines for smoother looking skin.  Remember, citrus oils, like Bergamot can be photosensitive; after applying, you should avoid sun exposure.  
  • Try adding Lavender essential oil to your bath for smoother looking skin for the entire body – and an aromatic treat!